Our children are our hope for the future and our responsibility for the present. It is our duty to provide each child with best development opportunities. Our school has successfully created the right environment for the overall development of each child. We give you're a sound foundation for life.

Parents Role: Parents have a big role to play. They should be good friends to their children and not be over bearing, nagging figures. Do not compare your kids with other children. Always try to build child's confidence.


Tips for the Parents:

  • Keep the atmosphere at home completely tension free.
  • Don’t nag your child to study.
  • Take care of your child’s dietary needs.
  • Don’t compare your child with others.
  • Listen patiently to the worries of your child.

Praise your child: Praise work well than threats. Children who are treated with love respect grow up to be happy and confident. Show keen interest, patience and understanding. Help your child to find answers to all his/her questions. Give him/her room to try new things, to make simple decisions and to explore new situation.

Shalini Chaudhary